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Business Communication Made Easy

Landlines or Fixed Line Solutions.

Here at Dial Direct, we can assist you with all of your fixed telephony lines, and would be delighted to talk to you. Our services include the following:

  • ISDN 2 For those who require more than 1 concurrent call, maybe two, four or even six at a time.
  • ISDN 30  is for those who make and receive a lot of calls (over eight) at the same time and have a complete phone system.
  • Analogue Line For those who require single lines into the building or run a broadband and fax line.


As we are partners with all major UK providers, we will source all networks to find the best plan based on your call profile and your needs. This means we can offer:

  • A full review of your current telephony usage and needs.
  • Bespoke packages.
  • Dedicated and local customer services.
  • Cost savings on Lines & calls.