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Business Communication Made Easy

Mobile Telephones.

We source all major networks to find the best plan for your business based on your call profile. Our service team will then fully support you through the term of the contract in a personal, prompt and professional manner.

Mobile Broadband and Data.

We offer data only SIM cards which are becoming more of a business requirement from a standard tablet device to an intelligent data collection device in a large piece of machinery.


Mobile device Management by SOTI.

Make your mobile devices more secure!

Mobile Device Management (MDM) improves mobile worker productivity and makes their device more secure. However, as mobile devices become more capable, MDM has had to evolve to the next level; Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). EMM provides all of the core functions of MDM, PLUS the management of applications, content, and email. When you are looking for a MDM solution, SOTI is the expert in the field. We have been an industry leader in the MDM market for over two decades. In fact, we helped define the market; starting with the remote management of Pocket PC’s and Windows CE rugged devices, and evolving over the years to the life-cycle management of smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


To provide a robust Mobile Management solution we use SOTI Enterprise Mobility Management.

You can download a brochure to see what benefits we can offer you.



Vodafone One Net

Being Ready means always being there when your customers need to contact you. We know your employees’ time is precious – and that your customers’ time is, too. As the first and only network in the UK to own both fixed and mobile infrastructures, we provide a high-quality, fully-integrated communications service. So you can work better, from anywhere, across a whole range of devices, all from one provider.

We use Vodafone One Net to provide clients with full integration of both fixed and mobile telephony in one system. This gives our clients the ability to easily manage how they communicate wherever they are and never miss a call.

One Net Business is a hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony solution that brings your mobile, IP desk phones and fixed lines together in a single hosted IP PBX system. Future-proofed SIP technology delivers and increases both flexibility and efficiency so you can take more calls – and more opportunities.